About SEOwonk

About us

We crush deadlines & make revenues rise.

We are a small team consisting of programmers, technical marketers, and copywriters. Our headquarters are in the gorgeous Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Our biggest motivation at the beginning of each project is the anticipation of the end result and its effect.

We are currently available for selected projects and collaborations.


How our typical workflow looks?

SEOwonk isn't just a set-it-and-forget-it SEO service. We’re an ongoing optimization and content improvement solution.

Typically, we cycle over these 4 stages:

Analysis Stage

  • Perform a deep audit of all assets
  • Discover underperforming pages
  • Find additional gaps in the market using our patented technique

Action Stage

  • Discover the latent intent of your customers
  • Create new pages and improve old ones
  • Optimize UI/UX and content for conversion rate
  • Manage SERPs to make more people click through and stay on your site
  • External promotion

Monitoring Stage

  • Track SEO changes
  • Track CRO changes
  • Monitor the competition

Results Stage

  • Conduct industry research
  • Discover what worked and what not
  • Calculate ROI
  • Tweak the strategy
  • Start the cycle again

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